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Sky Sports Show 


The Clutch is Europe's leading Open Access Tour that feeds the Challenge Tour and DP World Tour.  We follow three prospects as they prepare for the Tour climax at Royal Norwich. The programme innovatively entwines documentary, interviews and highlights footage of the tournament itself. 



The Clutch Pro Tour 

Lily Ross & Tom Hayward


Prod Co: Seven Iron 
Writer & Director: Dave Bedwood 

Executive Producer: Andy Roberts 

DOP: Toby Goodger

Focus Puller: Cam Axel

Gaffer: Joe Kennedy

Sound Operators: Simon Haggis & Adam Rinagl-toy

Live Producer: Adam Philips

Production Manager: Natalie Duval

Camera Operators: Jubi Garton, Darrell Lever,
Mathew Coverdale, Frank Brown, Russell Shambling, Paul Hogson

Editors: Dave Bedwood, Andy Roberts, Adam Philips

Sound Engineers: Malcolm Thorp, Dan Rimmer,
Chris Wrigglesworth

Graphics: Nicola Borland, Stuart Fraser, Scott Wright

Colour: Micheal Pearce

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